Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chattering Feet

Yesterday, we went through the play twice. This is the first time everyone was in uniform. Wow. It made such a difference for me. I really felt like a true 40's honey with sober realities. Actually, come to think of it, maybe that wasn't so much the uniform as the nylons! (I used to hate them... now they're semi-ok. ;-))

It was interesting to watch the other performers do their songs and lines. They were so changed. Being in costume made them slip into character so much more easily. I realized how much I am blessed to be working with and learning from these seasoned veterans of the stage... 

The really interesting part came right away when I sat down to sing my solo. 
Observation #1: I get nervous for no reason. 
Observation #2: I should practice my song more.
Observation #3: It's interesting how your entire body can tremble and it doesn't effect your voice box. (I was shaking so badly, my feet were chattering on the floor.)
Observation #4: People can be so kind. 

The pianist played the opening bars of the song, I opened my mouth to sing... and promptly forgot all the words. We started over and I got two measures into it and for the life of  me couldn't remember this one line... Ironically it was, "I remember well...." No kidding. Lol!

At first I was feeling quite dreadful about it, but not for long. Firstly, I wasn't the only one to forget my words. Secondly, I wasn't the only one who got lost on my solo. The pianist skipped a page and we had to start the chorus again. She apologized but I assured her that she just made me feel better. :-) 

The second practice went much better. I practiced in between the two and when the time came, remembered all the words. I noticed that everyone else remembered their lines well and things went so much more smoothly! Except for that one part, in which someone improvised and caught me off guard... ;-) It was quite amusing. I shall tell you about it later. After the show. ;-) 

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. --Vicki Baum

I found this quote and thought it interesting. Polka and I suddenly clicked yesterday and I finally realized how much fun it could be. ;-) When I am playing the piano, I feel such a joy... and that is what I suddenly felt. Like there were wings on my feet. :-) 

Teaching went well today! I was really happy with the progress of all of my students. One I was worried about because I didn't seem to be making any progress with her. Finally today I had a glimpse of her thought processes and I believe things will go on much better than they have been. :-)  

Anyway, I am really tired and tomorrow is going to be another big day so I will bid thee adieu and wish pleasant dreams to all.


Galloping Guitarist said...

Awesomeistic! I love this post! That quote was/is great! Glad you and dancing are friends now. :-) Missing you bunches! Gotta see if you can come home for a weekend in Nov. Hannah will be home for about a week sometime in there. :-)

Naomi said...

That would be interesting. ;) Love your creative use of the English language. :-)I am totally not sure how this is going to work out to go home but we shall see.

Life is a good crazy. :)