Friday, October 22, 2010

On Astute Employers And The Benefits Thereof

P.S. Just in case you think I'm some kind of hard worker or something, I actually didn't do any of the things I listed at the bottom of this post. :-P I made pizza and watched a movie instead. ;-)

Another fascinating day at DQ! I decorated 4 10" and 8 8" cakes, plus three logs (one of which ended up taking the role of catastrophe). I worked from 9 until 3:30 with only a short break in between.

I work with some interesting, beautiful people:

Donna (my employer): This woman reminds me so much of my mom in many ways and... in other ways, she's very much unlike my mother. She's gentle, sweet and kind. She's very firm about the way things should be done. She loves color. And the best and scariest thing about her is how astute she is.

I had just finished putting the different colors of icing gels on a cake when she popped into my little nook. She looked at the cake. Looked at me. Smiled. Looked back at the cake. Then she said, "When I met you, I could just tell you were a vibrant person. Rich and vivid colors make up your personality. But this... [indicates my creation] well, it's so dark. Looking at this, I am seeing some of your internal insecurity issues. Try to be a little brighter on the next one." Then she smiled at me again and walked away... leaving me slightly speechless. She was so right.

For the rest of the day, I analyzed myself by which color I pulled out of the box. Lol! ;-) I would catch myself using lots of purples. Purple is a beautiful color... and it is my battle/struggle color. When I found myself with the purple gel bag in my hand, I would put it back and pick up green. Green is my victory/peace color. Didn't catch myself all the time, though. Donna would still call to me, "Bright colors!!"

Ok. You probably didn't want to read all that, but it's fascinating to me, so ya'll have to put up with it. Hehe.

Another interesting person: Roberto. He's an amazing worker. Very short. Has the most contagious laugh I've ever heard. Donna's daughter informed me that when we're in the same vicinity of the kitchen, I need to speak English to him because he needs to learn it better. I tried. :-P He just laughed. Shortly afterwards, the funniest thing happened. He dropped some newly cleaned trays on the floor and abruptly, there was a blue haze over the sink. Strange how they learn some English so quickly... :-P ;-)

And then, there's Garth.. Donna's hubby. The guy is hysterical. I wasn't in the most cheerful of moods today (you may have gathered that) but he walked in and in five seconds, had me giggling. He's sarcastic. And he makes fun of Fr. Banga, whom he adores. He caught a glance of a cake I had gelled a clown on (I was quite pleased with it, actually... if that says anything about the quality of artwork ;-)) and excitedly exclaimed, "Ohhh, a squirrel!" :-P

I'm still learning the names of the girls... I know there's Robin... Grace... Jane... Richele... not sure of the others. I would like to get to know them better. I am sure they would be so much fun to be around and learn from. Grace especially makes sure to give me a hug on her way past. I appreciate this. :-)

Other than work, I've been doing a lot of studying... praying... making decisions... teaching... lesson prep... Thinking about walls. Walls around our hearts. Not just walls to keep us safe from others but walls to keep us safe from ourselves. Walls that are positive. Walls that are negative. More on that later, I hope.

Off to clean a bathroom and practice the piano... and study the driver's ed. I also want to watch Ponyo this evening so I can give Jesse back his movies.. so much to do! Pray for me. :-) I need it.


Anonymous said...

You work with quite the variety of people; people that God is using to shape and mold you and give you Joy in each day.

Naomi said...

I am slowly learning that He doeth all things well. I need these people at this point in my life. They take my mind off of... me. ;) I am so thankful for the path He has led me on, even if I can't see my feet sometimes. :) :)