Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prayer Request


 (From Margaret) How did this happen? Keith is standing on a 10ft wall of a framed house.A bundle of 27 trusses was placed on the walls.The trusses are ready to fall over.He yelled at the guys and trys to stop the trusses from falling over on Joey.Keith was pinned on this stomach on top of the wall.To get to him they had to take the trusses off of him 1by1.Keith's main concern is that Joey got out in time! He did!


Keith is scheduled for surgery with in the hour.His leg is detached and needs to be pinned to his hip.That should give him some relief of the mass pain he experiencing.Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement!

You're prayers are appreciated!

A relative of the family was in a serious accident yesterday -- he was crushed by a stack of trusses at his work. My uncle posted this update a few minutes ago:

"Update on my cousin Keith Wharton So far he has 2 lumbar vertebrae fractures,severely broken pelvis and interalbleeding. He's having a hard time breathing.The doc's will stand Keith up today for more x rays.Please continue praying for the mass pain he is in. Thanks! Keith's last action on the job may have saved one of his guys life. Keith wouldn't have it any other way! That's the kind of man he is!"

Please hold them up in prayer today!


Anonymous said...

That's awful :(
Praying that our Heavenly Father will heal his broken body and he will have a complete recovery!

Naomi said...

Thank you so much!! They're praying that he'll be able to have his surgery soon because until the surgery happens, he'll be in mega pain. So, your prayers towards that specifically would be wonderful.