Thursday, October 28, 2010

Worry... Worry Not...

This summer, some of my friends (fellow counselors) and I were having a conversation about life. One of them said something that still makes me stop short and look around.

"Live with no regrets."

My favorite thing to do is worry. Worry about things I've done or might do. Worry about the bad example I've been or the mixed message I might be sending. Worry saps my joy. Worry pins me down and slaps me across the face. Why do I worry? There is no good reason. Faith leaves no room for it. If the peace in my heart is intact and joy is bubbling out of me, I'd say it's a good sign. There are no regrets in that. :-)

So, I haven't subscribed completely to her life philosophy but it has definitely garnered some thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that I've lived with regrets... maybe I dwell too much on the past instead of living in the now and thanking God for each day He has given me.
You're right; there is no good reason to worry. God is in control. He knows what is going to happen long before we have an inkling.

And there is no regrets in JOY!

Naomi said...

:hugs: :) :) :)