Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Nonsense

They say when you have nothing to say, you shouldn't say it. But I'm going to anyhow. ;-)

1: I am enjoying being lazy today.

2: I am also enjoying Natural Bakery Canadian Rye Bread. I think it's the best bread ever. Soooo delicious.

3: Michele whisked the rest of my cookies out of the house this afternoon to give to people. It's a good thing too because I had cravings for chocolate this morning and to be alone in the house with *it* sitting on the counter is not wise.

4: This morning, I found out what I needed to begin the process for acquiring my driver's license.

5: I spelled "acquired" correctly first try. So happy. :-)

6: I watched 3 Hayao Miyazaki films this afternoon: My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and Porco Rosso. Courtesy of my friend Jesse. So thankful to have had a chance to encounter these tales and learn from them. For those of you who are interested in the details of story making, watch this man's films. These are great stories.

7: I should go eat supper.

8: I had a blueberry smoothie with my ham sandwich at dinner. It settled wonderfully.

9: I feel good right now.

10: I am anxious to get completely better so I can dig into the Nutella in the cupboard. ;-)

11: I am fulfilled at this moment. There is Someone who can satisfy all your longings and overflow your heart with joy.

12: I love making lists... especially ones that are partly serious and partly nonsensical!


Hartley Family Blog said...

Hey Naomi,

I hope you are feeling better today :) We praying for you!


Naomi said...

Lauren... thanks so much for your prayers. I'm not out of the woods yet but I'm feeling better. :) You brightened my evening. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Mm, that blueberry smoothie sounds wonderful! Yeah, it is probably a good thing for me not to be left alone with a plate full of chocolate cookies either. ;) nothing better than Nutella!! =)

Galloping Guitarist said...

So glad you're feeling better! Hmmm, chocolate? :-) I suddenly feel very happy, I have some chocolate! But, then I did just sneeze.... :'( Thinking again, I could have it tomorrow... Or I might just have it today! :-) It's is after all just chocolate 'covered' granola bars. LOL!
Anyways, enough of my foolishness. :) Do you remember that REALLY cool tune of Bella Fleck's that Daniel and Clinton did here? Well I just sat through a whole concert of it! It's called gypsy jazz. Incredible music! I'm now kicking myself for not buying a cd.
And I met Clinton's girlfriend, she's really nice! Kinda like Tahniss, you'd like her! :-)

Naomi said...

Jac, it is good. :) It's just yogurt, blueberries, orange juice and a little vanilla. Oh! Michele also puts in bananas. :) And yes!! Nutella is gloriously delicious and I hope whoever invented said product is happy at this moment. :) :) :)

Lyddy, I am slightly jealous of your concert attendance but only slightly. :) I am happy that you were able to go!! You should have bought a CD, though. ;) I saw pictures of Clinton's gf and she does look nice. If she's like Tahnis, I know I'd love her. Perfect for someone like him. Really awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Love love love Nutella!!

Hope the Drivers License process goes well for you! :)

And praying you get better each and every day!

I'm a list maker too; even if they are exceed reality in the expectations departmnet

Naomi said...

Thank you so much for the prayers. I feel so blessed.. I have the most loving of friends. :) People have called me, written personal messages, etc, etc... all asking me how I doing. It makes me weepy and smiley. I *am* blessed!!

I really hope the process goes smoothly, too. It's a long one. But I feel it's definitely worth the trouble. It will be nice to eventually be independent in this area. :)

Yay... another Nutella fan! ;)

rebekah said...

I like making lists like this too. :D But I always tend to do them in my journals. :)

Naomi said...

This is a type of journal. ;) Just my 'private' life doesn't make it here. Hehe.

There is something that's just calming about making lists for me...

Singing Pilgrim said...

Miyazaki's great. And it makes me feel better that as of less than a year ago you didn't have your driver's license either (I don't have one yet)