Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Naomi Dolls Up... among other subjects

Michele and I were talking...

Wait a minute. Did I...? Yes. I did. My last post began in a similar fashion. ;-) Have you begun to suspect that we talk a lot? :-)

Well, the lady has been a teacher for many years... and a good one. After listening and watching me teach one of my students, she gave me some advice that I am intending to follow to the best of my ability:

1: Dress up. Don't stay in my bunny hug and paint bespattered skirt, even if they are comfy and warm. (There *is* a heater in my studio which I can use...)

2: Make a solid lesson plan to follow for the half hour.

3: Get the student on the piano bench and playing. Less 'chit-chat the better'.

4: A grown-up spending a half hour of solid one on one time with a child will never be forgotten. "People almost always remember who their piano teacher was" for that reason.

5: Reward practice time; reward children for every fifteen minutes they practice, etc. (I'm still not sure what to do for my older students...)

6: Make my studio professional looking. Customize it. Make a special place for me and my student.

Not one of my students but a friend from camp. The one. The only. THOMAS!!!

One other thing I would love to do but I'm not sure how this is going to work out, is to get all of my students together and create a performance they can all do together. Each person has their own special part in it. But we shall see. For now, my heart is beating a little strangely over all I must accomplish this morning... and still have energy for this afternoon. ;-)

7: Pray for my students individually and ask for wisdom regarding how to teach them.

Cheers, my dears. May your day today be as enjoyable as mine...


Galloping Guitarist said...

Hey Noami, good thoughts! I hope everything works out. :-)
LOL! Tom is slightly taller than you! ;D It's a good thing he's not any taller, you'd end up looking like a hobbit. Which, I guess wouldn't be too unpleasant. BTW, I love ya just the way you are! No need for you to be taller, you just need a car like Gilly's. :-) Yesterday Bekah and I were discussing the problem of small cars. We both wants trucks. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good advice; I know you will do well! =)
How "tall" are you Naomi? I am just *barely* 5' 3".
P.S. It is great to have someone to talk to! ;o)

Naomi said...

Lyddy, I hope you've forgiven me for wrongs justly meeted out. :-P :-) I love teasing you. I could use a small car. And I love looking like a hobbit. Thank goodness I missed the hairy feet, though. ;-)

Jac, I am 5'3 and a tiny bit. The tiny bit part is important to me. Hehe. Good to 'meet' someone else who is my height. :-) And yes indeed it is extremely important.

Anonymous said...

Great goals for yourself. I'm impressed! :)
Hope you can find a small car ;)
BTW, small cars are great for fuel mileage. Even if a truck is more cool or comfortable!

Naomi said...

Samantha, I'm sure I'll find a small vehicle somewhere... right now I just need to get to where I can legally drive it. Haha. ;-) I love how they're so much better on mileage than our van or truck. I think a vehicle is definitely made cooler by who is in the driver's seat... Lol. :-)