Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fiddle and Banjo -- CD Release Party

...let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee. Psalm 5:11b

I had the best Friday and Saturday I've had in a long time. :-) I don't remember if I've mentioned Karrnnel Sawitsky before but I do know I've mentioned Daniel Koulack. These two phenomenal musicians recently recorded an album entitled "Fiddle and Banjo". It was given that name because those two instruments make up 99% of the music on said album. ;-) Does that sound boring and uncreative? I beg to differ.

I appreciate Karrnnel's music for it's vitality and uniqueness. He appeals to many audiences and ages... not just the typical fiddle/folk crowd. His style ranges to all genres and all tempos and moods; so colorful and rich. I wish I could find the words to tell you exactly how his music is so alive. I cannot, however. So, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. 

Daniel Koulack... what can I say about Daniel?? :-) He is probably the gentlest man I've ever known and wisdom is a language he frequently speaks. I wish everyone could meet him. I feel so blessed to call him a friend. And Daniel isn't just an awesome person... he's a wonderful musician. As with all musicians, his music is a reflection of himself. It's beautiful and quirky folksy and very Daniel-ish. :-) It has a Eastern European Jewish Canadianized flavor. If you don't know what that sounds like... well, again, I advise some serious googling to find out. :-)
Both of these men have been playing for most of their lives and both, to quote Michele, are 'super musicians'. So, imagine them doing music together. Imagine them live, in a CD release party. :-) And that's why yesterday was the best Friday in a long time. ;-) :-) No pictures. Sorry. :-P Eventually, I am buying a camera and then, you will be deluged with pictures. ( You'll actually beg for me to stop. ;-)) 

An interesting twist to the evening was that CBC Radio recorded the concert live. We got to 'work' at our cheering and applause and were complimented for our efforts. It was a happy time. ;-)

The best memory... well, it would have to be the jam after the concert. So much fun!! It's amazing sitting in a room with so many awesome musicians. Nathan Baker, Gillian Maher, Tahnis Cunningham, Daniel Koulack, Ray Bell, Karlie, Karrnnel, Samantha and others, whose names slip my mind. So many people there I know from camp... Buzz was there. That mention is for people who know him. :-P Especially my sisters.

So, I got to sleep at about 3:30 or 4 am. Michele's daughter put us (Michele, Jesse and myself) up for the night. (Had the basement all to myself! :-)) Appreciate the hospitality so much. People are kind and don't even realize it. :-) Well, my head is not working at it's best and I should watch a movie so I can review tomorrow. What shall it be? Robin Hood? Or Hook? Or maybe... :-)


Lindsey said...

Sounds like an awesome couple days you had! :) Glad you were able to make it over there.

I thought you had a camera??

Naomi said...

I am glad too. :)

The camera I usually use is Lydia's. She was so kind to let me use it all the time when we lived in the same vicinity... I appreciate all the experience I gained through her generosity. My camera is really old and eats batteries at a rate that makes my bank account shudder. So it was left behind to Martha. :)

Lindsey said...

heh heh, I gave my first camera to Graham when I got my new one and it went through batteries like Heinz goes through pickles. It died a little while ago and now is one of my nephew's toys. :)

What kind would be inclined to get? I really like my Samsung and Graham and Emily just bought the same model off ebay. It takes great video!

Naomi said...

That rate of battery usage makes me feel annoyed. :-P (Probably the understatement of the year.) Siblings are fun to pass annoyances onto, eh? ;-)

I have no idea about what camera I should get. I am thinking more semi-professional. I would *love* to take high quality photographs. However, I need a smaller camera for snapping/taking to friend's houses, etc. So, I'm still kind of thinking. However, Dad has always spoken highly of Nikon. ??? I do like your Samsung. :-)