Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thought of tonight:

I want God's will above all else because my life is nothing without Him.

Regardless of what life holds for me, I will be happy. Because I am His and His love is mine.

There are moments when I am afraid of the future, but then I realize I have nothing to fear. He loves me.

Ok. So that's three thoughts. ;-)


rebekah said...

Good thoughts...and I don't think I ever have one single thought, that doesn't end up turning into an article with lots of thoughts. :) lol Unless the thought isn't one worth repeating!

So do you know that Lydia and I had a blast on the 18th? We went for a picnic, did a little shopping, made pictures, walked quite a ways (my poor feet~ I wore the wrong shoes :P)...I am sure you will see pictures sometime. :)

I don't know if you read my blog, but my book went to the printer's on Monday! So now I am waiting for my proof copy...can't believe I am actually going to be in print! :D

Other than that, it was my birthday on the 11th, so I am now 18...and not feeling any older. :) I have felt 18 for so long. lol :D

Busy with working at the library a little...writing lots of ministry (!!!)...blogging...emailing...reading...movies...being sick :( with calls...working on my non-fiction my room inside and out...going to the city...sorting get the idea. :)

Sorry about such a long post! I really only meant to leave a note!

As Always,

Naomi said...

Bekah, I adore long posts of comments. ;) They're wonderful. I have heard of the birthday bash and cheered my way through the pictures. There was a really good shot of you... I love it. You should use it in your magazine. :)

I read your blog but not nearly often enough. Apologies. :( I should make more time for it!! I enjoy it when I do read, however.

I did not know about your book. That is sooo exciting. I'm thrilled for you! :) It will be so nice for you to see the fruits of your labors. :) Did you design a cover for it and all that?

You are really busy. No surprise there. ;) Keep it up.. all except the getting sick part. Hope you're feeling better now. :)