Monday, October 18, 2010

Can You Believe I Forgot to Title This Blog Post?? ;)

So, the last performance went well and the audience cheered as usual. What is it about making people laugh ... and cry, as the case may be... that is so happy? :-) All I know is that it is so fulfilling when I hear people laugh about something I think is hilarious. And I love it when a beautiful moment comes and they are so silent you could hear a pin drop.

Did you know that improvisations can be painfully awkward or terribly funny? ;-)

But the show has ended. It seems like the time has simply flown by... what happened to the days when I was so mixed up that I didn't know where to stand or half the words to the songs (the half is debatable... Lol!) or the names of the other cast members? On Wednesday, it is supposed to begin all over again. The Dickens festival in Carlyle always includes a Christmas play and I fully intend to be part of it. :-)

But what else is happening today? Well, my job at Dairy Queen begins. Another answer to prayer. I have been counseled by people I trust to find a second job. This will accomplish several things: earn extra income for those rainy days, meet new people and gain working experience. I have a semi-busy, unpredictable schedule between teaching, friends and theater but I thought I'd give it a go... especially when Fr. Banga got this job at DQ for me. Lol. I do love him. ;-) 

Anyways, will definitely write more later. :-) 

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