Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letter To My Companion of War and an Update

Dear Frosting Bag,

I admit to not understanding what goes on in those creamy depths of swirling audacity. Whatever goes on in there is far beyond my mental capacity. All I know are the moments of grief and horror and those of utter bliss. What I really don't understand is why you're so nice to me sometimes. Yes, there are moments when I actually adore you! You send smooth, perfect streams of whipped cream frosting through your tip... and because of the perfect, decadent shells, the cake takes an aura of splendidness.

Then there are those moments, when you hate me. Were we arch enemies in another life? I know with a certainty that I have never done anything to deserve such mistreatment. You spit at me. Literally spit in my face. I don't mind it so much on my arm. But my face?? Come on. And then there's the moments when you decide to explode and shoot whipped topping onto the cabinets. Do you think I really have time for that? Oh! And what about the time you decided stuttering was fun and all my shells turned into epileptic lizards? That was the time I looked up and saw a customer watching us with great interest.

I really would appreciate some more kindness from you. On the positive side, there have been some minutes that I thought we were getting over a mutual dislike for each other! So, there is hope. Just no more spitting, ok? No more rude noises. No more making me live up to Gillian's new name for me (Queen of Blushers). I need you, you need me. Just saying.

May you live a long and happy life.

So I went to sleep last night with the wind pounding against the house. The snow was just scouring the walls, windows and roof... more like sleet than snow, actually. And when I woke up this morning, the wind was still howling but no snow. :-) Because I have to go to Regina again on Friday, I can't work that day. So Donna asked me to come in today to finish up the Blizzard cakes.

I rushed through my morning preparations and donned my winter wear (scarves and coat and leggings and gloved and etc and etc) and rushed outside. About five steps later, I stopped rushing and stared at the ground. All ice. It wasn't terribly cold, which was nice in a way. But it was also very, very bad since it made the ice very, very slick. Picture this in your head: powerful, howling wind + slippery ice everywhere + me. Imagine the wind blowing in my face. Imagine me not being terribly coordinated. Imagine me being blown backwards across the street. Awesome picture, eh? That's what I thought. After I got back home.

But I made it there, all in one piece. Happy and proud of my accomplishment. Donna met me at the door with these words, "I called to let you know that you didn't need to brave the storm but you had already left." Lol!. ;-)

8 Blizzard Cakes; 4 flavors. Oreo - Smartie - Cookie Dough - Reese's Cup. Did you know that a drizzle of chocolate topping makes any cake look beautiful? I love the stuff. It's so much fun to watch it drip over the sides of the cake and splash onto the tray and roll down my arm... hey! it's chocolate. :-) I love the entire process of making Blizzard cakes. (Sorry, I'm not allowed to tell you.) I can't wait for the time when I actually get to eat one. ;-) :-) :-)

When I was finished (12:30 give or take) Donna drove me home in time for my dinner and lesson prep and a little house cleaning. My first student arrived at 3:30 as usual and the lessons commenced.

Had a bit of a disappointment the other day. One of my adult students decided she hadn't learned enough in four weeks to commit until May. I completely understand and I'm ok with it. But I can't help but feel that I could have done better some way. But Michele says she goes through the same feelings when someone doesn't want to take lessons from her. She says if I had video taped the lessons from the past four weeks, I probably wouldn't be able to pinpoint anything I should have done better. I can only do my best... and seriously, I wouldn't want this woman to feel obligated to continue taking lessons. Wasting time and money is not what I want my students to do. I want them to keep coming because they're learning and enjoying themselves. :-)

The good news is that nearly everyone else has committed until the end of May. So, you folks in Carlyle, you're stuck with me. ;-) At least until I'm 25. Lol.

I am so tired. :-) That wind certainly takes it out of a person. And we still have theater practice tonight. For once, I'm not looking forward to it. Well, I take that back. I am but I'm not. I hope I don't fall asleep during the middle of it...

Anyways. I should close this up. As my beloved brother Stirling says, "Bonjour"... wait a minute. That's not goodbye. Just a second. :googles:

Au revior. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, the wind sounds fierce! Glad you didn't slip and make a scene =D I can just picture that happening to me.
Icing/decorating cakes sounds like fun but I'd probably be afraid of making a mess of it all. Esp. if it was a custom order.
Hey, maybe you can taste one on your birthday! (when is it again?)

Oh, I love the shells turning into epileptic lizards. Hilarious word picture there! =D

Anonymous said...

LOL,too funny Naomi! I hope that frosting bag starts behaving better for you, the unruly thing!

Naomi said...

Thanks for the smiles, girls. :) :) I love hearing what others think about my crazy days. Hehe.

Oh! I so intend to get an ice-cream cake for my birthday. ;) It's the end of May. :) :)

Here's to behaving frosting bags!!! :D