Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Down... Two to Go :) :)

The show went very well! My corny jokes, the solo and the dancing were all completed without a hitch. :-) Everyone else did marvelously well too. Amazing what a difference an audience makes! Thank you so much for the prayers. :-)

Tomorrow is another day and another performance. Try to spend another restful day at home.

I am so exhausted. Lol. But when I got home, I immediately dug in the fridge for something to eat... ham sandwich on toast.

Happy. :-)


Anonymous said...

Huray! Glad it went off without a hitch! :) I can imagine you probably weren't terribly hungry before the show but you surely were afterwards! ;)

The Ponderer said...

I am never hungry before a performance. Lol... I have the hardest time eating anything. But yeah, afterwards, the adrenaline is ... :D